The easiest ways of finding a good online bingo
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Posted by patycop on June 2, 2013

Online bingo is one of the most beloved forms of online gambling, and people from all ages and from all places in the world enjoys the game regularly at different bingo sites on the internet. However, I think that, for many people, bingo is still a game that you should enjoy in a real bingo hall. To be honest, I think this is wrong. In this day and age, everything else is done online, so why shouldn’t bingo be? I mean, when I look at bingo, I see so many benefits from playing bingo online over playing in a live hall. So if you are thinking about giving online bingo a try, I definitely think it’s worth a shot. Here’s a few tips on how to find a really good bingo website.

First of all, the absolutely easiest way of finding a good bingo website is by visiting bingo portals, such as What these sites do, is that they visit a large selection of online bingo sites, and review them based on a number of different criteria. They go over the websites bonuses, their customer support, the bingo software and a number of other things. This way, it’s really easy to get a general idea over how the online bingo market looks, and you have a great opportunity to compare one bingo to another. Another equally useful site is Bingo Online PW, which has pretty much the same sort of content, but is more focused on the Spanish bingo market.

The next step, after you have chosen a website that looks good and seems to live up to your expectations, is to make sure that the website is actually reliable. I usually go to Google and i make a search for them. I know for a fact that if several players feel like they have been poorly treated or that the website has been unfair, they will likely have written about it on an online gambling forum to warn other players. Usually you can find these types of warnings at sites like, which has a lot of useful information when it comes to finding good bingo sites, bingo bonuses and playing bingo gratis.

When you’ve made sure that the website is reliable and trustworthy, it’s time to visit them and create an account. Registering at a bingo website only takes a few minutes and usually you don’t have to give away to much information. You can expect to give away information like your full name and address, which is needed when you want to make a deposit or a withdrawal. A good plus for a bingo website is that they sometimes offer new players free bingo money. Sites like offer new players £10 for free for just registering an account with them. This gives an excellent opportunity for you to try out the website without having to worry about losing any money!

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The key to sports betting – Have fun!
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Posted by patycop on May 24, 2013

I see so many new people getting in to sports betting with the intention of making loads of money. On the television they’ve seen the people who have come up with their own successful betting systems and become millionaires on it. That’s literally what inspires them. I really think that is the wrong way of thinking when you get in to sports betting. If your only goal is to get money, there are far more safe ways to go than betting on sports. Even if you are good at sports betting there’s never any guarantee that you will win a lot of money. We have to respect the element of chance in sports betting. Another important thing that a lot of new people don’t think of, is that betting is no quick way of becoming rich, so you can’t just open up a betting account expecting the money to roll in straight away.

The people that make a living out of betting on sports put their whole lives into it. It’s just like with anything else, if you want to become a successful businessman you will have to put the hours in and go to a good business school in order to learn the proper skills to make it in your field. Sports betters have to read an awful amount of guides at various betting portals such as Apuestas deportivas and La Quiniela in order to gain the proper knowledge to make the right decisions when they bet.

I don’t see the point in going in to sports betting if you don’t have a genuine interest in sports. When you are interested in something, learning is so much easier, because you’re actually enjoying the learning process. So if you’re not a sports fan, why would you even consider a sports betting career? You can make money off anything these days, so why not pick up on something that really interests you and try to make a living out of that?

In my opinion, the key to becoming successful in sports betting is to have fun doing it? It makes everything much greater and you don’t have to be fully focused on your results in the beginning. You will just have tons of fun, and the results will come with time.

When you first get in to sports betting, a good way to get started is to visit online betting portals such as The good thing about them is that you can find pretty much everything there. They have reviews over several popular sportsbooks that you can sign up, as well as information of various betting systems and strategies as well as which websites has mobile applications.

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Will binary options suit you?
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Posted by patycop on April 28, 2013

Have you been thinking whether you should get in to binary trading or not? As binary options have gotten more and more popular of the last couple of years, more and more people seem to be getting interested in it, but is it really an activity for everyone? Will it be worth it for you to learn everything about binary options trading?

Seeing that most people who get to hear about online trading seem to be involved in the online gambling scene in one way or another, I’d say that binary options definitely has some similarities with certain types of gambling games, but from another point of view it’s completely different. The main difference between binary trading and online gambling, is that most online casino games does not require a great deal of thinking. It’s mainly thought to be a recreational activity where the player have to put minimum effort in order to get excited. Think of a slot machine, for example. There’s really not much we can do in order to make our chances of winning increase. We can’t really employ any particular strategies or tricks that will affect the game. We’re basically just shoving money into the machine hoping for the best.

On the other hand, there are other gambling activities that are more similar to binary options trading. If we look at sports betting, for example, the great punters take their time researching the game before they make their bets. They look up several factors such as the teams recent results, injuries and other things that might affect the outcome of a game. When you think about it, this is not that different from trading binary options. It’s basically the same, but just in a different field. In binary options we need to research the financial market rather than the sports world. We do this by reading financial newspapers, using the analytical tools at the broker’s site as well as studying strategy guides and systems at forex websites like opciones binarias opinions.

I would say that binary options probably suits the online gamblers that like to be active when they gamble online. That means that poker players, sports betters as well as strategic roulette players and and blackjack players will probably enjoy trading on the financial market, whereas slot players or video poker players might find that it’s to time and energy consuming.

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Casino strategies – do they work?
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Posted by patycop on April 10, 2013

There has always been a lot of talk in the casino industries about beating the house. Many people have tried to come up with curtained systems designed to guarantee wins every time you play, and in this article I wanted to go through some of the things that you should be aware of when it comes to casino strategies. Remember that if you are going to try out a new casino system it’s always a good idea to try it out in a free casino first, to make sure it’s a good one.

The first thing you need to know about casino systems is that there are no systems that can ever guarantee you a profit in casino gaming. Casino games are carefully designed to make it impossible to “beat” them. The algorithms make sure that the house always has a tiny edge over the player – and that is how the casinos make their money! When you see a system that is being promoted online that promises, even guarantees, that you will make money with it – Don’t believe it! This is a classic internet scam. In order to obtain these systems you often have to pay, or click and advertisement link only to get a system that probably won’t work at all. It’s much better to use the systems that are available for free at sites like Casino Online or Quinielas.

So if no casino systems actually work to beat the casino, what’s the point of even caring about them? Well, what a good casino system actually does is to minimize your chances of losing. By using certain strategies in casino games you can drastically decrease the casinos statistical edge over you, which is extremely desirable for a casino player. For example, a blackjack player that plays with no certain strategy can make decisions so bad that the casino can have a 20% edge over the player, which is really bad. However, when you use the right strategies in blackjack, you can take that risk down to an incredible 0.2%. This means that you’re chances are pretty much as good as when you are flipping a coin!

A really good website to visit if you want to learn everything there is to know about different casino game systems and strategies, I recommend you visit, which is a Spanish website with some really good info.



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Making the most out of your casino experience
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Posted by patycop on January 17, 2013

If you are new to casino online, you probably have a lot of questions you don’t know the answer to. I know what I felt like when I first visited an online casino, not knowing much about the games or what I should look for in a casino site. Now, after several years in the world of online gambling, I’ve become somewhat of a master, if I may say so myself. I wanted to share with you some of my tips on how to make your casino journey as pleasant as possible.

First of all, the most important thing is that you find a good online casino to play at. You might as well start off at a good one, cause if you choose a bad casino the first thing you do, it will give you a bad first impression of casino gaming. There are several good ways of finding god gambling sites. You can use search engines like Google to find forums where people have shared their opinions of different casinos. I think, however, that the simplest way to find a really good casino online is to use services like These sites have gathered a large number of casino operators that are regulated and licensed so that you know that they are safe to play at. They have also reviewed the casinos based on specific criteria’s so that you can see all the casinos positive and negative sides. Another good example would be CasinoZX which is an international website focused on casino gaming.

The next thing to do when you choose a casino is to look for a good bonus. Bonuses are given at the vast majority of online casinos but amount of the bonus, as well as the number of bonuses can differ quite a lot from site to site. Ideally, you want your bonuses to be as big as possible in order to make the most of your money. is a service that you can use to find new casinos with good bonuses. If you sign up via their links you can take part of some of the best casino promotionsin the industry.

Another important thing to look for when you choose your casino is the games. You want to make sure that your casino site offers a large selection of different casino games before you sign up. I know that in the beginning you might feel as though you don’t need that many games – you don’t understand them anyway. But as soon as you start playing you’ll realize how easy it is to pick up on the games and you are soon going to want to broaden your horizon when it comes to casino games. Find several sites that offer large selections of casino online games by using services like!

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Online gambling or forex trading?
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Posted by patycop on January 12, 2013

In my opinion, forex trading and gambling are not the same thing. Some people might disagree, but I would say comparing forex trading to gambling would be like comparing a wall street trader to a blackjack player. After all stock trading and currency trading isn’t that different – the basic principle is still the same. That said, I don’t mean to say that I dislike any of them, I actually do a lot of online gambling as well as financial trading. In this article I want to try to go over some of the pro’s and con’s of them both. Lets start with online gambling.

If there’s one thing I really like about online gambling, it’s the excitement. Few activities can get me as thrilled as I get when I’m gambling. I love sitting by the roulette wheel with a few bets on, feeling the suspense build up within me as the ball is rolling around the wheel. Whether I win or lose sort of comes in second hand, as I never gamble for any serious money. I’m really only in it to entertain myself whenever the mood strikes.

Another good thing about casinos is the fact that they are so diverse. You can go to any online casino these days and choose between literally 100 of different games. My favorite game is the slot machines, although I do play other games such as blackjack religiously as well.

The downside of online gambling, I have to say, is that you  always seem to lose more than you win. More often than not you find yourself with an empty casino account by the end of your session, and that’s the time to stop.

As is started trading on the forex market I soon realized that the opportunity we have to predict the outcome of future trades is much greater than the chance we have to predict the outcome of a spin on the roulette wheel or on a slot machine, and this is the main difference between forex trading and gambling. There is an interesting article on this on a FX blog that I continuously visit.

Although not as entertaining as casino games, forex trading still offers a great deal of excitement and thrills, as you can never fully know whether your trade will be successful or not when you make your investment.

If you want to find out more about trading on the forex market, there are several websites that are helpful. As I native Spanish speaker, I found the site cotización de divisas extremely helpful, as it has a lot of guides and articles for beginners in the trading world!

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